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Setting My Intention – 2020

January 5, 2020 laura 0

Coming into this new year is all about change. It really has nothing to do with the calendar really, but my new chapter is beginning now and I am excited […]

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2020 Me

December 18, 2019 laura 0

I’ve been writing, tons honestly, in the last seven months. Strings of random thoughts or insightful comments all to be put together to create a magical masterpiece to share with […]

A million little things

April 1, 2019 laura 0

I am A culmination of those wonderful people who surround me,Who support me,Who encourage me,Who accept me. Falling in love is the best high We tend to obsess over whatever […]


February 28, 2019 laura 0

These tangled necklaces – two of my favorites. One old, one new. As I grabbed them from my dresser to untangle, I paused and looked down. How they so clearly […]

Time, attention, and passion

January 12, 2019 laura 0

Just keep showing up – that was my theme for the week. The hardest part about getting up so early to go work out is actually removing myself from my […]

Letting go

January 6, 2019 laura 0

What i mean when i say “I’m letting go”… It doesn’t mean I dont care about it the same way. I still have the same feelings. it just means I […]

Thank you.

December 30, 2018 laura 0

Thank you. A million times over, thank you. I’ll enter 2019 with my eyes wide open. Open to love, light, thought, and endless possibility. Every experience has brought you to […]

Greatness and love

December 18, 2018 laura 0

Let’s talk about everything, a data dump if you will. A few years ago, after my mom passed away I was seeing a therapist. She was this cute little old […]

This is 37.

December 5, 2018 laura 0

This is 37 You are in charge of your own happiness. No one else is going to create it for you. It’s Tuesday night and I’m exhausted. Actually, that’s an […]

I’m doing it

November 27, 2018 laura 0

How often do you take the next step just because you feel it’s the right thing to do or that it’s just the next step? Going through the motions but […]

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