All or nothing 


New training starts Monday, until then it’s prep time! I don’t know if it’s because my bday is coming up…I value this as a fresh start even more than New Years. It’s the perfect deadline for completion of goals, and to forge ahead with new ones. 

I have one goal set to reach by my birthday, and I’m determined to make it happen. The last three weeks have been good to me. I’ve been focused, and the results have shown that. This weekend was a little rough though, too much partying hoping the scale forgives me – guess we’ll see! At least I had fun 🙂 
I’ve never been an “all or nothing” girl, I’m more of a “all things in moderation”, which I still stand by. There is a time and a time and a place for both. 
Right now, we’re going balls to the walls for a while so I can break out of this comfort zone I’ve been in!