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I’m trying really hard to not stress about the things I can’t control. 

I had the best workout I’ve had in a long time today! I set my first deadlift PR @ 155! The energy in the gym was amazing! 

I’ve seriously been struggling with the gym, working out, and eating for months, it seems. I found myself caught in a terrible cycle. I really enjoy crossfit, I feel focused when I’m there, but I was feeling discouraged having to modify all the movements because I’m not where everyone else is.  

I sometimes “worry” that I’m automatically put into a certain group or will be looked down upon because of my ability, size, or anything else. They way I look doesn’t define me, my ultimate goal has been for who I am on the inside to reflect on the outside. 

I can honestly say since I’ve started crossfit, there’s been nothing but encouragement. Any negative thoughts that pop into my head about being the slowest, can’t lift as much, or needing to modify a specific exercise, all comes from me. 

To all the ppl in my position it’s not easy always coming in last – but, you can do it, I did!
Mind over matter.

Nothing changes unless nothing changes.

So I’ll share this; It’ll all work out the way it’s supposed to, keep an open mind.