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I’m the type of person that, in a conversation if I think of something that excites me, I just say it! It’s just how I’m programmed. I love jumping out of bed in the morning with an idea! So this morning, while getting the household ready for the day I was thinking about what excites me (you know, with the 3 million other thoughts in my head). I’m really excited about this blog and all the potential people I can influence to make a change.

This is my motivation or vision board, present day.  It’s changed over the years, the quotes, pictures etc.  At one point I had two ribbons hanging up; one holding the beads for each pound I had lost and one holding the beads representing the pounds I wanted to lose.  Each time I lost a pound, I’d move a bead.  I kept forgetting to do it and eventually took it down. But if that motivates you, then do it! There a ton of ideas on Pinterest! My before pic is from a trip Ben and I took alone for our 10-year anniversary, a big pivoting point in my journey.


I wish I had more “finish line” pics to go with my racing bibs, I’ll need to get on that.  That motivates me at this point.  Seeing those accomplishments.  They aren’t long races but it’s a lot more than I could do when I started.

Create your vision, it doesn’t have to be big.  Set goals. Start with smaller goals that are easily obtainable and work your way up.

Going public…one goal I have is to teach my first spin class by the end of 2016! This not only ensures I get my spin certification, but also reinforces the fact that I am doing the work to get me in shape to conduct an hour long spin class.  I’ll be setting mini goals to achieve this the entire way. And now that I’ve mentioned it here…there’s no turning back! Bring on the sweat!


What’s your goal?  What can you do on a daily basis to get you closer to your goal?



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