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When you find something, you love, you typically can’t get enough. I always want more, it’s just in my nature. And I think sometimes my passion for more is a bit of a curse; I care too much. It can sometimes backfire, chasing those good feelings.
Being sick for I can’t count how many weeks at this point, I’ve fallen behind on my half marathon training. But today was the day I was going to pick it up, catch up. Whew, I am so sore already! I clocked 6 miles, the furthest I think I have ever gone in one shot so far. I am using the Run Keeper app, and it has all these different options for how far out/long your race is. Speaking of…the race is 12 weeks from today! What the hell was I thinking?!
That’s how this ties all together, actually. I had been speaking with a friend on and off all day about working out, goals, etc. I had been to the gym…super pumped, I found this race. Without hesitation, I signed up. And here I am today. Always more…experience. I am super excited about completing this. I know I won’t finish anywhere near first but I’ll complete it! It’s all about doing better than I did yesterday.
I know this sounds blatantly obviously, but we don’t get anything by thinking about it, we get it by taking action. I think about how good I’ll feel at goal, I think about say the clothes I want to wear, or having enough energy. I’ll never attain those goals, or get to my goal just thinking about it.
I am so not where I intended to be right now. I struggle everyday. I struggle with eating my emotions, not moving as much as I should and I’m a huge procrastinator. But everyday I start with renewed energy and desire to reach my goals. Some days don’t go as planned, and some do. I don’t know where my weight was the last time I posted about it, but it doesn’t matter now. I am down 5.2 from last week; trying to push through this barrier I seem to have been stuck behind for quite some time. Who wants to waste their time and energy gaining and losing the same 10 pounds for the second year in a row? Not me.
Oh and…continuing to try new things! Trying out cross fit tomorrow, I hope I can move after today! ❤
More love ❤

More fun ❤

More adventure❤

No drama.❤