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Just keep pushing.

Miles and music 

Yesterday was gorgeous and I got a good run in. Two hours, but I finished. I even walked a lot the last two miles, but I finished. My feet and hip were killing me, but I finished. 

I can’t function without music, it’s just the way I am. I’ve been working on a new playlist, you can check out here:

But here are a few favorites from my run yesterday:

I circled county roads, residential roads, and trails in the woods. Who could be so lucky? 

I woke up today sore, really feeling it from yesterday, blisters and all. This morning was by far the toughest workout at crossfit thus far. Going into it so sore from yesterday probably didn’t help. 

Warm up, stretching…then torture. 20 walking lunges, holding weight; twice up the stairs across the loft and down, holding weight; followed by 20 burpees with a high jump. Over and over and over, for 30 minutes.

 I hate burpees. Like, I really hate them. I modify mine, and I still hate them. What’s that saying? Burpees don’t like you either? Bah! 

This workout was tough no doubt, but it was a mental one. I don’t even think I was halfway through the time, and I was feeling defeated. I didn’t even want to finish it. But nothing changes if nothing changes. I really wanted to make up an excuse and leave. But, I would kick myself for not just sucking it up and finishing it. A truly humbling experience.

Beginning at 4:45 this afternoon, I bounced from pick up, to pick up, basketball game, dinner (out), and a basketball practice; finally arriving home at 8:30. I’m not moving a muscle any more tonight. 

Until next time!