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Take risks. Don’t regret not taking a chance.

I’ve had so much to reflect on this past year, so much has happened. Good, bad, and ugly. 
I had a really, really great time last night with a fun group of people. Many of us who’s lives changed tremendously in the past year. We’ve “grown up” together and while our lives are all so different we can all come together and have a good time, just like family. I can only hope we can all make the time to see each other again. 

More fun today, can’t wait. I get hugely sentimental this time of year I guess. I like to bring everyone I love together and just be. Laugh. And enjoy every single moment. 

There are no second chances. It’s all about risk. If you want something, take it. If not, leave it alone. 

Everything I have ever experienced has brought me to this moment and where I am right now. How could I ever regret that? 

Sending love – more later