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Sometimes I run to burn off the crazy.

I know I’ve said it before, I reach this doormat breaking point.  Doing everything, for everyone and realize I’m stuck in this hole and can’t climb out of it and that’s when I realize – I need to exercise. It’s a vicious cycle – Overworked, stressed out, mom-tired, and just plain old tired.

I started “running” in 2009 I believe, it was a really dark time for me.  I was struggling in more ways than one, I just started one day. When I get to the point above and I hit the trail – it’s my therapy, my drug of choice.  I’m not fast, I really don’t care.

I’ve been on a CrossFit hiatus for a while now, I’m not proud of that.  It never seems to work for me – I’m in a constant state of “other things” and finding myself victim to the “I don’t have time” stuff I hate. I have to “make time” for what’s important but that time I can carve out never seems to line up with times that are available.  It’s just where I am right now.  Doesn’t mean it won’t work out for me soon. In the meantime, I am two months out for my half marathon in September.  Hard to believe I am here already so I really need to get serious about my training! I need more consistency I think I started off a little lax because I already know I can do it, but that’s silly Laura because you’ll never reach your goal of breaking your last time. Just keep moving forward.

In-between drops, and pick ups I squeezed in a little 2 mile run yesterday, someplace new.  It was so humid and gross out I’m glad I only had time for that haha – and something is better than nothing.

Ebbs and flows

The ups and downs – sometimes its super exciting and you can’t get enough (uh, exercise?) and then sometimes all you want to do is sit on the couch and eat pizza.

I’m down 15 pounds from a year ago. I’m not where I want to be, but I’m glad that’s where I am now.  Much better than the 36 pounds heavier than I was not so long ago.  I was actually surprised, but it’s all happening exactly as it should.