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I’ve fallen so far off the wagon I think it left without me! I don’t know where I’ve been! Ha!

With the exception of these classes I’ve been taking every Tuesday at the gym, I’ve had no routine! I’m meandering through my days, not accomplishing much. My diet or lack thereof has been terrible.

I’m chasing a feeling I’ve been missing except I can’t quite grasp it. I’m missing my mom like crazy lately, she must be thinking of me too. I hate that she’s not here right now. 
Christmas is closing in on me, I love it but I hate the pressure. Pressure for perfection, pressure of gift giving – why can’t we just get something for someone when/if we feel like it? I find stuff for my friends all the time! As for my kids…we’ve been trying to cut down on the “stuff”. They don’t even ask for much honestly. We’ve been focusing on “experiences” the last year or two so we’ll continue that this year too. 

To add to this madness I’m expected to come up with something homemade from each member of my family….I love crafting but seriously? Now? Our weekends are packed and now I’m on the basketball court sidelines four nights a week 🙄 no problem, I’ll just whip something up while I sleep.

Geez, I’m roses and sunshine this morning 🙁 sorry guys!
On a lighter note, I’ve still been trying something new almost everyday. I’ve been struggling with my confidence in my professional life. In one of my scenarios I don’t really know anyone, having a really hard time stepping out of the box. Well, I stepped out – big time. A party in NYC and I met so many great people and had a great time. My closest friends know I’d been waivering on going for weeks! So happy I went and had that experience!

I’ll find my happy again, it just takes time and clarity. I haven’t been taking the time for myself at all, just being a mom robot that certainly doesn’t help things. So today…I’m taking that time. Just yen minutes, I know I’ll feel better.

Here’s to a better day!