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Have you ever wanted something so bad you can taste it? The sweet taste of victory! Every day I get up, get dressed and get closer to my goal.

It’s all a juggling act, I know I’m not alone. I had a few discussions in the last couple days about this. I (and most other people I know) have all these responsibilities or commitments. Whether it be job, kids, volunteering, anything – balls in the air. Sometimes at the end of the day I wonder how I fit it all in, and then you keep going.

I usually just write what’s on my mind, but a few people suggested I add in how I get to fit it all in.  That, that is more badass then the actual workout itself. It comes from a good place, but it made me think. Again, I am not busier than anyone else. We all use our time differently and set priorities to what we feel is important. “People work out all the time, it’s all the crap you have to get through to get to that.” The badassery lies in the perseverance you go through daily to actually get said workout in.


I have an odd situation, I work from home presently (doing a multitude of things) so I’m like a stay at home mom, but not. Trying to balance it all and give my undivided attention to any one thing can prove to be difficult sometimes (which is where camp comes in handy).

So…following suggestion I’m going to give a brief “day in the life of”, and why not use today as an example?

I got up this morning about 6:30– but lazily stayed there until after 7:00, oops (remember, I’m a morning person after 9am). I’ve got three kids that need to get to three different locations…before 8:30am.  Get the baby changed, dressed and fed while the bigger ones eat breakfast. In the car(my breakfast by the way was a lara bar and coffee during drop offs), first stop drop off Evelyn, check. Second stop, back track slightly. Drop Emily off at field hockey camp. Check. And lastly…camp for Matthew made it there by 8:40, not too bad! Now kid less, I go home to begin my day. I usually will throw in a load of laundry or empty the dishwasher etc. and begin working.

11:00am – field hockey camp over, time for pick up. Return back home about 11:30 have lunch and get back to work. I worked until about 3 today leaving some extra time for Emily and I together. She baked, I supervised and ran around the house putting things away

Once Emily was done baking, we left to pick up Evelyn and Matthew to return home about 5:15pm. Entertaining the baby while I cook dinner, shrimp scampi (It was delicious).

After dinner, I started cleaning the kitchen and getting a bath ready for the food covered baby. Ben handled bath duty while I worked on the kitchen. After that I gave Evelyn her bottle and put her down while Ben walked the dog.  Once Ben returned I ran out the door to the gym.  Spin was where it’s at tonight.

I got home from the gym about 9:30pm. Ben and I talk for a while (before one of us is in a coma for the night). It’s now 11:00pm and I have a little work to do after I finish this…shower and get in bed.  All to start all over tomorrow 🙂

It’s definitely hard, every day is a new challenge.  Where can you fit it in?  I feel like a better person when I work out and I am SO focused on my goal right now, I really can taste it. I can see changes in my body now, how much more will I see months from now? It’s all worth it. I feel AMAZING!