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Don’t shrink yourself and your own desires to make someone else happy. Be yourself, you’re more beautiful that way.

I’m just trying to steer my own ship. Weird, confusing times. I really am ready for this whole lockdown to be over I’m reaching my threshold for sure.

We had a great day yesterday followed by a not so great day today…no worries a little relaxation tonight and we’ll be good to go.
Being a lone adult in isolation isn’t easy. I try not to sit in this place of lack very long but it’s lonely at times for sure. A good conversation with an old friend this afternoon pointed me in the right direction.

I was just in time for a much needed meditation with Amy… perfect scene to see my future self in front of me and an excellent reminder of worked so hard at this past year. I have to keep forging ahead. I have come so far and am worthy of so much more.

As I was faced with my future self she stood in front of me repeatedly saying “be strong”. If I can say anything about the past year it’s that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought possible.

Sending you so much love.