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I’m feeling pretty amazing right now. Nothing better than a super sweaty run at the end of the day…accept maybe a pool to jump in afterwards but ah well. I had the best run I have had I think since I was first pregnant; over a year ago. I’m not a fast runner and that’s not my intention, I just like to turn my music up and go.  Get everything out that I need to.

It felt so good to get moving last night.  I was indeed, chasing daylight. Good thing I stuck to the streets as I walked up the last hill to cool down, in the dark.



I can totally feel my body changing…I have so much more stamina. Rob has been kicking my butt and today will be no different. Looking forward to my training today!!


So one of the “new changes” on the horizon I’ve been hinting at is my “eating plan”. If you read my blog not too long ago, I was mentioning how I wasn’t sure what I needed to do but I need to do something because what I am doing now isn’t working; and it’s all food related. I’m cheap, I hate paying for something I’m perfectly capable of doing myself. I want something laid out for me, but I don’t want to eat packaged processed “diet food”.

A friend said to me “don’t you feel like when you’ve done something before you are sort of lax about it the second time? You feel like you know what you are doing because you did it before”. Maybe that’s my problem. I felt like I needed to do something drastic to shock my body.  I keep trying to make better choices, but I need to just make better choices. I have a confession to make actually, night time is my biggest downfall. I can do well all day long, and throw it all away at night.  I’m up on the scale and it’s really getting to me.

So…I bit the bullet and decided to give the 21 day fix a try.  Kind of seems right up my alley; tools to guide you through creating your own eating plan of fresh healthy food. I know actual real life people 🙂 that have done it and been successful. So, here it goes!