Commentary from the finish line

There once was a girl with a crazy idea; “I’m going to run a half marathon” she said, “no big deal”.

I’ve been training for this since December when said crazy idea came to mind and I whipped out my credit card and signed up. I was home alone and only under the influence of a friend who said “go for it, that’s an awesome goal!”

For nearly four months since then, I’ve been wondering what I was thinking – haha!
But here I am…at the starting line.

It was freezing! I had my outfit picked out prior to leaving but didn’t account for the cold. I didn’t anticipate it feeling quite so bad. I threw on an extra shirt with the intention of dumping it along the way.

The days leading up to the race I would’ve welcomed any distraction! I felt ill just thinking about it. My main concern wasn’t would I finish, it was more about coming in last. Then I started not to care. I’ve done a few different races before, never a half marathon. Would I know where to go, what to do?

The course was pretty amazing, I snapped a few pics along the way.

I don’t consider myself  a “runner”. I’m slow, I have to stop and walk etc. but just to give a comparison, my last long run was 11 miles, my pace was 17:44 – that’s really slow. I had been having issues with my feet the entire time.

Approaching race day, I acquired new sneakers and taped my feet as much as possible. Between that and the adreleine, my pace didn’t go above 15 mins/mile until between mile 9 and 10! Holy crap!

I still can’t believe I even did it, that this “thing” that’s been hanging over my head…I don’t have to think about anymore.
It’s funny I was standing in line for the bathroom with you know, 200 other racers before the start. One seasoned runner (female) says to another (beginner) and myself “these races are like childbirth; you forget after a while and then reminisce in all the joy and say “let’s do it again” and then as you’re going through it again…you’re like ohhhh yeah, I remember how much this sucks now”. Spot on.

Over three hours of depending on nothing but yourself, your own body to get you through to the end; a lot of thinking gets accomplished. Where I am at this point in my life, what tomorrow will bring, what’s going on around me, where I was yesterday, a year ago, two years ago.

Although, sure there are things I wish were different, we all do. But I keep saying it, “I am exactly where I need to be right now” – thanks Amy ❤️
Off to get a massage with my bestie!