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I’ll keep this short and sweet! It’s been a hell of a week, but I had this fun day time date to look forward to all week. The hubs and I don’t get out much alone together and when we do it’s like the moons have to align to make it happen.

Nothing ever goes as planned, but does it matter?  Embrace it. I’ve been looking forward to this wine festival all week. To just let go, relax and enjoy friends.  As we approached the clouds were rolling in, we weren’t there long before it absolutely poured, and continued to rain pretty much the entire time.

We got absolutely soaked, ah well. Although I did impress myself with my hair today (just got it done yesterday, trying out something new…because why not spice things up?) I ended the day like a wet seal but had a lot of fun and many many laughs, and rest assured if the band had still been playing, I would’ve been dancing 🙂