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Everything happens in its own time and every step of this journey has brought me to where I am today.

“Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in your approach.”

-Tom Robbins

Three weeks of Keto and I’ve lost five pounds. I’m not super happy with that.  It’s making me batty to be quite frank. I wasn’t eating enough calories and limiting my veggies because of the carbs, not taking into account net carbs. I was talking with another friend they are doing the complete opposite – all veggies very little meat. With much success.

You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.  It’s that simple and I know that! I’m an excellent maintainer – only I’m maintaining the wrong number!

I’ve always gravitated to everything in moderation – sort of a Weight Watchers mentality.  I’ve been battling my weight forever, but in the last few years I’ve noticed things about my body that either never existed before or I’m just noticing. Carbs, really affect me, and I hate that. I’ve been focused all week on increasing my veggies/fruit intake and scaling back on my dairy from what I was having on keto.  A lot less fat, but lean protein included. We’ll see what the scale shows on weigh day. I think you’ll know what approach is right for you,

After a year of going, my husband finally stopped making fun of me and jumped on the CrossFit bandwagon.  The guy hadn’t formally exercised in probably ten years…guess who can do a 36-inch box jump right out of the gate? Jerk. But seriously I am proud of him! He’s like a machine, waking up super early to go to a 6am class and then heads to work. He’s had much success losing weight, and he’s getting stronger. Go Benny!! In my wifeliness I can’t help but be a little jealous – he’s just getting up and getting his gym time in; I did that for years! Why do I have to accommodate everyone and everything in the house BEFORE I can do something for myself? I don’t.  That’s totally my own fault. F the mom guilt.

Since he’s been getting up so early to get to the gym I’ve been trying to get up around the same time just to get a few minutes to myself, meditate, read – something. But 9 times out of 10 as soon as my big toe reaches the floor I hear the whine of my youngest, guess that’s that.  She doesn’t wake up well and needs time in the morning (reminds me of me 😊). I’ll figure it out.

I had a revelation today (I’ve had them many times before and I’ll have many more), I drop everything for everyone who means something to me. And there aren’t too many people that do the same for me. I’m not mentioning it out of bitterness – I’m annoyed with myself for putting everyone else ahead of my needs. I’m determined to make time for myself – the gym, running, and more. Fill my cup first.