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Who thought it would be a good idea to give up coffee alcohol and carbs all in the same day?! That was a little tough!

April 22nd I took the plunge and started embarking on a keto lifestyle. The idea is to eat fewer than 20 grams of carbs per day putting your body I to ketosis fat burning mode – which translates to weight loss.

I’ll actually admit although a few of my coworkers (particularly ones I consume caffeine with every single morning and throughout the day) joked about giving up coffee and how crazy it was, it wasn’t that bad.

I made this decision with a clear mind, I need to lose weight, my doctor who I love (and recommend to all of my friends) suggested it a few months ago. I toyed with the idea, reading up on it, a coworker and his wife started it the week prior and we’re getting excellent results, and unknowingly a very close friend was about to start also.

My blood pressure has not been great, I’m already on medication for it (and those who know me well, know how much i hate relying on medicine). There are several factors involved; high BP is hereditary, stress can contribute (work stress was high at the time, but that’s an entirely different Post) and my weight.

I said to my husband “I have control of one of those things, my weight. I have to just do this.” Although I actually do have control of the second factor as well and I’ll touch more on that.

Week one flew by as I consumed my veggies and protein on the daily. I lost seven pounds that first week.

I tell you the following because I’m honest in sharing this journey with you. A week into Keto, we had plans with friends at a food truck and beer fest. I knew going into it what I would encounter and vowed to myself this one day wasn’t going to erase all the hard work I put in.

I had two drinks, and because of the time of day it was, we didn’t eat a whole lot. That evening we went out with some friends, had a fun time a few more drinks but kept my dinner simple – grilled chicken with spinach I even had them give me salad instead of French fries. (That was a super big deal – for potatoes are my favorite food group;)).

Sunday morning I was back at it, up two pounds from that off day (my weight almost always fluctuates daily so I wasn’t worried). I went for a run, planned my menu for the week, picked up some healthy groceries all as I normally would. The following days were interesting. I was back in ketosis by Monday afternoon.

Beginning week two of Keto, I was down five pounds. The next few days I continued to gain a pound a day. I was incredibly busy during the day at work, not eating much. Growing frustrated – I’m barely eating why am I gaining?!

Talking with my coworker who’s wife was no longer doing it – he was still having success. Sharing all my food entries, discussing ideas on what to eat. Week three and he’s down like 25 pounds and I’m down 6. Isn’t that swell.

Objectively I can step back now and look, it’s quite simple. I was barely making it to a thousand calories a day and not drinking nearly enough water.

I was concerned about meeting all these nutrition goals and not going over my 20grams of carbs a day, making my food choices smaller and smaller. I was wrapping my brain around net carbs and how to calculate that and use it to my advantage.

I’m approaching the end of week three. I wouldn’t consider myself on”keto” at the moment. I like the concept, it opened my eyes up to how much my body responds to no refined carbs, focusing on getting in your greens. Sometimes you need to go all the way to get started. I’ve never been a “fad dieter”, I won’t pay for “diets” or anything if the sort. You want to lose weight, it’s simple: consume less and move more.

Of course there’s contributing factors for everyone. Keto (or low carb) are ideal for my PCOS and insulin resistance. I’ve continued eating few refined carbs (I had a sandwich yesterday on the class trip); it’s kind of amazing how much your body changes once you’ve removed something and then reintroduce it. Your body tells all; listen to it.

So that’s where I’m at. Not quite keto at the moment, but I think I’ll do it again whole heartedly.

Here’s to many more weeks of reaching goals!