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I think when life is stressful I start grasping at things I can control. And it drives me crazy – because there are SO MANY things completely out of my control. You can decide how you feel regardless of your circumstances, and I chose love over everything.  It’s been a tough few months, but I’m finding my own way.

There’s so much more to life than work, money, and serving others. This isn’t my future this is my present. Between jobs, relationships, kids, and stuff – this is all right now and doesn’t define me.

I am meant for so much more.

So, Saturday marked two years since I started my blog. Kind of crazy what has manifested itself when I started this. If you haven’t been following – this is a good place to start:

I don’t get to write nearly as much as I want, to at all. When I began things were different, but such is life. I have a hard time articulating myself vocally – in most things I do. I need time to think and decide what it is I want to divulge or contribute to a situation. When I have something, I want to talk about here, I take a lot of notes time passes and then it turns into this mountain to conquer when I’m missing out on what I love doing most about this entire process – sitting down to write. Anywhere. It wasn’t like this before.

I love where I live, I like the change in seasons but man did I struggle these last two months. Dying to peel off some layers and get outside – my favorite place to be. I am so happy Spring finally showed up!

A year ago, I ran my first half marathon – 13.1 miles of craziness. I started hitting the trails again. I’ve spent many, many, days training on the exact same trails. They’re familiar and hold many memories for me, I’ve had some of the best conversations here, with both myself and others – Hell, I’ve even written my best blogs from these trails.

Never stop pursuing what you love and really remember why you started; was it exciting? What can you do to keep it going?