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Happy hump day! Anything is possible. This week has been a much better balance, the balance I’ve been dreaming about. I strive to have my cake and eat it too. I want to put forward the best version of me, it all lights. The best mom, wife and lover, friend, employee…the list goes on. Being the best doesn’t mean (for me) to hold everything on my own shoulders, just to have a presence and offer the tools that I now have, to those I care greatly about. Be in the moment. ❤
Wednesday night is yoga night, as I’ve mentioned my favorite night of the week (it’s purely selfish). I woke up just before 4am (trust me, not on purpose), I lifted my head, my gaze to the end of the bed as the baby is about to fall off the bed – holy mother’s intuition. (And let’s not talk about the fact of why she was there to begin with.) Needless to say, I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I laid there contemplating doing this or that, finally got out of bed and made coffee. I curled up on the couch and put a blanket on, and searched for a good meditation session to listen to. I laid there listening, breathing, and relaxing. What a seriously great way to start the day, too bad I’m not really a morning person or maybe this would become a thing. ‍♀️



Thoughts from the downward dog
Though I thoroughly enjoy yoga every week and there isn’t any one thing you do in life that can’t make you laugh, what’s the point? Two thoughts came to mind; I need a pedicure and how much longer do I have to hang upside down with my boobs in my face? 



I’ve been finding my inspiration tenfold on yoga nights. And I leave feeling amazing, reflecting on my intension I have set for my week. I get in the car, put on some music, open the windows, turn up the heat, and drive. There something therapeutic about driving with the windows open and the chilly air rushing in the windows, it’s so refreshing.
The intention I set for the week ahead is more weight goal related than anything.
“I am motivated and confident”
I need to finish what I started for ME. I often reflect back to where I began just to feel good. I’ve been stuck for quite some time up and down the same five pounds, just keep turning my wheels not really getting anywhere. 36 is on the horizon and I’ve set an aggressive goal for myself. For the next month in order to reach said goal, I’ve created small steps for myself; one being I vow to get my three workouts in each week. Make it happen. The other step being food, obviously. After chats with my doctor and a little research I did myself I am cutting out carbs tremendously, and making way better choices. I’ve fallen into bad nighttime habits again, and it needs to stop. I’m down 1.4 pounds this week, gotta keep it going!

I was not prepared when I left for work today; I was able to throw a smoothie together for breakfast but didn’t have anything for lunch. I’m cheap and I hate spending money on lunch, especially if it’s nothing I’m dying to have. I tried to think outside of the box and duh… got it. I ran to the grocery store deli for grilled chicken and veggies. Not only was it way healthier than any drive through, it was only $10.00 and enough for tomorrow too! AND it was delicious, yay!

It’s been several weeks since I’ve posted a meal planning menu and prepped for the week, I’ll get on that. Funny when I started this blog I had so much more time to devote to it and I really don’t want to give it up…but just like everything else I’ll find some balance.




Have an excellent rest of the week! I’ll be here, kicking ass.