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There is so much growth in silence. I’m still here, just been busy and trying to figure things out. Learning to love yourself is a lifelong journey. Every day we are changing – evolving into the person that we were born to be; 2018 will be my year.

A year for tremendous growth – always a work in progress and I’ll never stop striving to be better than I was yesterday.
Although, I am not thrilled by my current weight, and I have had some physical setbacks recently, I have been enjoying life in so many other ways. I’ve been taking time to focus on what is right in front of me, and worrying about everything else, a little less. I’m making the most out of everyday possible.
I sometimes feel like I’m stuck on a pendulum that swings between this discontent in my current weight situation and appearance, fear of who knows what on one end and just trying to be me, enjoy life and the people I love on the other end. I sometimes forget, I don’t have to choose.
Anyway, just checking in. Even when I’m quiet, I’m still here. Cheers to a New Year!