Get out of your own way already. Decide to let tomorrow be the day that you are stronger than your excuses and that you love yourself enough to make a change. 

Sometimes I cannot be tamed, when I know what I want I go after it and don’t give up until I get it. I wish I could apply that to all situations. Sometimes, I hold back and stop myself from doing or saying the things I really want to; when in reality, I want to unleash myself.
Do you spend time planning out your nutrition for the day? Your workouts for the week? Do you check in with the people you care about? Do you fill your own cup first?
The level of effort indicates the level of interest. Let me repeat that, the level of effort indicates the level of interest.
I can spend countless hours at the gym, but if I’m not eating right where is that going to get me? Unless you’re ready to make a change – a change won’t be made.

I struggle all the time with relationships, with friends, loved ones, family, and food. You reach a breaking point and that’s where change happens. A week ago, I was having a hard time understanding why effort was not being put in on all accounts in my professional life. Almost feeling like I’m wasting my time and energy when I’d rather be spending my summer with my kids anyway. Reaching that breaking point prompted change, and although never perfect it’s a step in the right direction. And (since I starting writing this Monday) I’ve reached the end of the week and I can say progress is being made.  
Am I living the life I’ve always dreamed of? Not even close. I certainly wish things weren’t always so difficult. Sometimes I feel like nothing works out the way I want it to, and then I remember; everything is happening exactly as it should.
I am only in control of my own happiness. I cannot rely on anyone other than myself to do that for me. Always – letting go of everything that no longer serves me. Sometimes I need daily reminders (writing helps too).
I have written so many blogs, I am looking through my website and I cannot believe how sharing my own struggles has helped me, and some others. Change is upon us. I am manifesting something amazing – I know it!
I’ve had a few excellent sessions at CrossFit in the last two weeks – getting back to the gym post Lyme’s and feeling not so great. Last night I really had to push myself beyond where I thought I could be honestly. I was bummed that I had to take five pounds off to finish but I listened to my body. I also heard a birdy say “You’ll get there when you’re coming here regularly” – it’s true and as much as it stings a little I haven’t been anywhere close to being consistent. I am where I am and change will only happen when I’m receptive to change. So here I am with an open mind and goals that need to be obtained to live a long healthful life. I’ve come full circle.
Now, let’s get back to it.