Mindful Monday

Happy Monday!
There’s no question to the fact that I’ve been struggling for a long time, with weight loss, among other things. It’s a weird place to be. I know what I need to do to make progress, yet held back and not moving forward. Losing weight really is a mental struggle, not always a physical one. I’ve talked about getting back into the meditation practice. I’ve done it sporadically but not like I was last fall. I’ve been focused in the wrong direction.
I was able to wake up early a few mornings last week and begin my morning the way I really should. I meditated and centered myself; as soon as my eyes were open the morning chaos began but I felt so much better.

I haven’t felt all that great in weeks; it’s getting to me. Only a few more days of antibiotics and I am truly hoping this does the trick. In spite of my achiness I am moving forward with working out this week. I need to feel tired and sweaty – the endorphins do more for me than any amount of medicine I am pretty sure.
I don’t want this post to be all Debbie downer – I hate that! I am just sharing my struggles as so many of you I know can relate to. I am always changing everything, I like change (that I can control haha). I’m talking myself into more change ahead. It’s good for us to mix stuff up, try new things. 

I can’t go back and change anything – just step forward. 
I’m letting go of everything that no longer serves me; starting today, right now, with my own self-image. Letting go of insecurities. Letting go of one sided relationships. Letting go of all negative thoughts. Welcoming all positive energy.
That feels better 😊
I found some alone time on my hands this weekend and took yesterday’s napportunity to work in the garage and clean out my car. Here’s to the fact I should really be driving a U-Haul, not an SUV to encompass my mobile locker room. And that’s AFTER I took out all non-essentials!
I was however, pleased to finally be getting through some of my mom’s stuff and making sense of collected junk. I found a few good gems like the picture above. My older brother, sister, and myself….maybe 1985? ❤️

I was even more excited to be moving boxes out to the driveway early this morning for the donation truck to come take it away. Clear the clutter – clear the mind.



 Recharged and ready for the week!