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New month – endless possibilities!

It’s only Tuesday and I already felt like it should be Friday. I am having a hard time adjusting lately to this whole working mom thing again. Maybe it’s because I’m so tired (just began week two of antibiotics for Lyme’s), maybe it’s because it’s summer, I miss my kids every day.

I swear some days it’s a miracle I can get out the door – I know I’m not alone.

All day today I couldn’t wait for my WOD. I needed to push myself to the edge tonight, andddddd mission accomplished!

15 Deadlifts (@ 95 lbs.)

21 Box dips

27 Box step-ups

Rest 1 minute – 3 rounds!

After my second round, I really considered stopping. I was pretty winded. But this thought that popped into my head during the day today:  
When you know you’re not giving it all of your effort, and it’s still awesome; imagine how good it could be if you gave it everything you have?

I could basically apply this to every situation in my life. There has been tons of change lately, tons! I feel amazing after I finish a WOD. But then maybe I can’t figure out when/how to get more time in to go again for days. I already commit myself to my workouts for the week, and I’m NOT changing them. I need this for me, and right now this is the most important (for me).

Don’t worry – I am still feeding my kids dinner, and running them here and there…and both football and field hockey start Monday – but damnit, I will get to the gym!

I got my first negative comment on Instagram today; I took a screen shot and deleted it immediately. In hindsight, I should’ve just left it. Nowhere have I claimed to have all the answers, or that I am some sort of expert. 

 My blog isn’t about that, it’s about getting through my struggles one day at a time. Struggles with weight loss, loving myself, being the best mom I can be, getting out of the house in the morning with children at my feet…the list goes on!


Here’s to a new month, new goals, and endless possibilities!