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I had an excellent session with Rob, I feel like I learned a lot today. Talking to Rob, learning more about his background and previous happenings/jobs. He really does have a passion for helping people, I like that. Nothing worse than having a trainer that’s not in it for the right reasons. I am looking into getting my spin cert sooner than later. I think it’s an excellent goal, Rob agreed. So the idea is about two months from now.

I won’t be at my goal, but I’ll be on my way and it’ll be a good push to get me there. Rob hasn’t specialized per say in helping people lose weight (I say that loosely because he’s helped a ton of people). He works with a lot of athletes. One day I would love to get my own personal training certification and help other women (and men too). I want to walk someone through their very own transformation, I’ve thought about this since I started my journey.

Sometimes it’s hard to look ahead for me, and there are a lot of things about my own body that hold me back. I need to learn to look past that, I am in competition with no one but myself. Some days I see it, some days it’s harder.


It was a balmy 92 degrees, maybe a little cooler in the garage. Here’s a rundown of what I accomplished in my session today:

Usual warm up…jump side to side, scissor jumps, high knees, high leg kicks, tons of stretching (which I usually neglect on my own) etc.

Squats. We started with the box. Holding two 10-pound kettle bells, 3 sets each of 15 squats holding the kettle bells, alternating with 15 – 20-pound medicine ball throw downs.

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Next up 3 sets of 15 each overhead press with kettle bells alternating with 15 pull ups in the rings.

And then…the ropes came out. Arms together, 30 seconds (3 sets, do you see a theme?) alternating with step overs on the box (pretty sure my legs were toast prior to this point).

On to hip thrust (I had him add a weight – go me) (30 seconds) immediately to plank for 30 seconds (no break between). Break, then same thing twice more. I’ve been practicing plank a lot at home. It engages your entire core. I looked at Rob and said “I’ve been practicing and I can barely even stay up 30 seconds” He looked at me and told me I wasn’t allowed to stop, guess what? I didn’t.

Last, but certainly not least the sled. 215 lbs., 60 feet four times. And that’s a wrap. Whew.



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