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I’m just venting, it’s been a hell of a week. I really needed to dig deep. Nothing ever goes as planned (which can be good or bad). I’m solo this week so I’m all thrown off. This was going to be my week to get on a workout schedule, I failed miserably.  No hubs, no early morning spin class.  I vowed that this year I would get my spin certification and if I don’t get to spin I’ll never get my certification…so…c’mon Laura lets go.

I’m used to being incredibly busy, for whatever reason I actually get more done that way I assume it’s because I have more structure and can prioritize myself better.  Needless to say I’ve had some free time the last month or so transitioning from full time to part time work. It’s not that I don’t have things to do (a list a mile long is more like it), I just don’t have the drive to do it. You know, the not so much fun tasks.

When I was home with my older children and they were babies I can remember trying to squeeze it all in then too.  You’re so busy trying to accomplish whatever at home, put the baby down for a nap…now what? Shower? Pay bills? Clean the kitchen for the 14th time today? Pull weeds? This is presently how I feel every day.  I have a long list of tasks I have no desire to do. A lot of it having to do with my mom’s estate, a ton of it actually. Bleh. Who wants to do that?

I’ve had so much happen in the last six plus months my whole life seemed to turn upside down.  With each “event” that happened I was faced with new challenges. Some I was able to resolve; some I was still working on.   I got some awesome news (I’ll share at a later date) that completely made my day, my week! I prefer a challenge, and this falls into all the requirements for me.

It’s amazing how this one little seed in the back of your brain can blossom into something amazing.  It just takes persistence, patience (which I lack, I know) and a vision.  This is exactly what I needed to hear this week.  Yay! Okay…now laundry, baseball game, more laundry 🙂

I’m really excited, good things really do come to those who wait.


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