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Weighing in: Only down .8 this week. I had a great week, and psyched myself up for too much.


Moving forward without distraction. It is what it is, and I’ve been on a good streak. So, I’ll take that .8 and add it to my 7 and that’s 7.8 in five weeks. If I give up now, I’ll be back where I started, wishing I was where I am now.

I acknowledge where I am and who am I am this very moment. Relaxing and taking it one day at a time. As Amy says “letting go of all expectations of yourself”.

Sometimes I feel like I distract myself on purpose. I want to get to my goal, but I’m stopping myself for some reason.


Life: I love the hustle, of the city. I’ve been going once a week. It’s exciting and I like being a part of something. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but today I was given a shot of reality that makes me want to reconsider my direction. I could just be tired too, but bummed nonetheless.


More tomorrow, I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow is a new day. A fresh start.