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Back to the gym today! I didn’t have a lot of time so I needed to keep it short but work hard so it was worth it. Something is far better than nothing.

As much as I love working out, about halfway through I’m hating it. Talking myself into finishing it because I’ll kick myself for not giving it my all. Not so sure I gave it my all today, I was distracted. 
My abs were STILL hurting from Saturday, yikes! I’m working thisvoiyt as the week goes by…here’s what I did today, short and sweet:

Elliptical – 15 minutes (higher intensity for me: breathless/sweating/working hard)

Bicep curl – three sets of 15

Tricep pull down – three sets of 15

Crunches – today, I did 150. Varying to hit obliques, upper and lower abs.

Push ups – declined push ups three sets of ten

Calf raises – 30 straight feet, 30 heels together, 30 pigeon toed. OUCH.

I hate it during, but I love it after! 

Weigh in tomorrow!