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A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. A new week. A fresh start. A clean slate. Who cares about yesterday?

I kind of love Mondays. Everyone is back to school/work and I’m left to hit the ground running. Maybe it’s a little selfish, but sometimes I just need to be alone to get stuff done. 
Mom life: It’s going to be a busy week even though we’re in a few week reprieve before basketball season starts. 

I can’t believe we’re closing in on Thanksgiving already. As I was working on my basement project today all these ideas were floating through my head for Christmas. I better get it into gear, I need more time!
Weigh in: Even with my indulgences this weekend, I’m still down on the scale. I think the daily check in helps. My weight fluctuates daily, it always has. I think knowing I’ll be weighing myself in the morning stops me from being the night time snack monster.
Working out: I’ll be hitting it hard this week. With my seven pound loss this past month I wasn’t sure I would be able to tell, but I can totally see a change in my body and my pants are fitting better. 

I’ll be focused on major weight training in the week ahead. I’ll share my routine with you later in the week. I started abs yesterday, by tonight it hurts to sit up – yay, it’s working! 

My  back has started to feel better, I’m going to focus on core strength and see if that doesn’t help also. 
Alright off to sleep!