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Thank you Rob for kicking my butt today, exactly what I needed! Super sweaty, tough stuff! I was dreading my training all day today, to be honest.  It was so hot out, I have the mud run on Saturday, I have other stuff to do.  I can think of a million excuses! But, I had to do it. If I want to reach my goal, I need to put in the time, as painful as it is. It was a killer workout and I’ll definitely be feeling that tomorrow.  Can’t wait for my next session!

I was picking Rob’s brain about diet. So many people follow “plans” as a guideline for losing.  I’ve done Weight watchers (many times over) but nothing else really formal, for several reasons. The first being, I’m cheap.  Why would I pay that much for a plan when really all I need is my mouth wired shut? Kidding of course, or am I? I’ve discussed this same topic so many times with so many friends.  Everyone is always doing “something”. Rob knows my history, I was able to lose seventy pounds essentially “on my own” using the My Fitness Pal App, eating all the right things and exercising. Why pay for it?

The second reason I’m anti “plan” is I’m so not an extremist. I guess that’s why I turned to Weight Watchers so many times; you eat what you want (within reason) count it and stay within your daily/weekly points (It’s been so long since I’ve been a member I’m pretty sure it’s still points).

I’m generalizing but these “plans” are so restrictive and unrealistic.  I have three kids, I barely had time to get dressed this morning, I had to grab a protein bar on my way out the door. There are going to be times when chicken nuggets are the only thing available (bad example because I’m not really a fan, but you know what I mean). I need to be able to get healthy, work hard, and enjoy my life – you’re only given one shot!  I like to follow the 80/20 rule.

At any rate, this all got me thinking.  Maybe I need a little help, a boost. If I decide to engage in something, you’ll know, I’m still thinking. After my talk with Rob though I did get a little more motivated.  I know exactly what I was eating for so long that got me so far, and he said it “so do that”.  Well, okay then!

Today was supposed to be weigh in, but it was the first day of camp the house was chaotic and I forgot, so I’ll let you know tomorrow.

I’m going to be updating my motivation board tonight and writing down some goals; will post pics when I’m done.



Motivated Badass 🙂