No expectations

I was lacking in the inspiration dept; I’m overwhelmed by the enormity of my goal. After speaking with Amy about it, we decided that should be my focus this week.  Not the goal, to let go.


Letting go of all expectations of myself.


So this week, I’m riding it out, letting myself be. Doing what feels good in the moment and not beating myself up for not getting to the gym etc. I feel better, no pressure.


Hubs was away last week, it was crazy. The baby is teething and up every night sometimes a few times, i’m tired and deserve a break. So letting myself off the hook fits. Let’s not get crazy! I’m still logging into Myfitness Pal everyday, etc. I’m letting go of that end result, and concentrating on the five pounds in front of me, and more importantly learning to love myself the way I am present day – which has always been a struggle for me. Amy gave me some ideas that I’ll share at a later date.


I try to accomplish so much in any given day (we all do) it’s not a surprise that I get overwhelmed. Although I envision what I want my “after” to look like, I am perfectly okay with whatever it might be.


It’s been a hectic few days, more tomorrow!