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What you hear repeatedly, is what you believe. Who do you listen to every minute of every day?  Yourself. What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?  Forget everything else.

I am truly grateful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength. I mentioned in a recent post, the average woman puts herself down in some fashion on average eight times a day.  That’s a lot of negative self-talk. Be grateful.  Be deserving – because you are.

I set out to love myself and do the things I love, while leading a healthy life. When you make the journey about elevating yourself and your health, the weight loss happens along the way. Loving yourself is more important than any number on the scale.

I have ups and downs, we all do; but the goal remains the same: Love myself through all of it.

Last week I had one of the best days I’ve had in a long time – alone (well interjected with some human interaction). It probably wasn’t the greatest time to take a day from work – but then again when is? It’ll all be there tomorrow and I only answered one work call!

I poured my coffee, put the kids on the bus (actually – thanks Amy!), dropped the third off and I was on my way. It was a beautiful ride, the day after it snowed. I felt lighter honestly.

I arrived at my destination for a massage, hair, makeup, and photo shoot courtesy of Leyla Cadabal Photography – find her on FB! It was an excellent experience!

Funny while I was sitting there getting my hair and make-up done I felt like I should be doing something else. Multitasking something, because that’s what we do – all the time.  But I didn’t, I left my phone in my bag and didn’t look at it (ok, maybe a few times).

Alright ladies, it was a boudoir photo shoot.  I’ve never done this in a formal sense and this was for no one else but myself.  I’m devoted to my project for 2018. Empowered women empower other women. If it makes you feel good – do it. So, I did it.

After I was all done I went exploring a little, taking a few pictures of the snow, riding around.  I met my beautiful cousin for lunch and spent some time chatting and catching up.  Got back in the car and headed home. I had some of the best conversations by phone that day – they are few and far between, and we always want more of a good thing, right? But I’m grateful I was able to participate.

I called my husband on my way home and thanked him. He didn’t do anything to facilitate said project, but I thanked him for supporting me and my need for a “me” day.  I’m not always the easiest to deal with and when I reach a certain point I need to step back and refocus. I don’t really even feel like I did anything – and that was the best part.  I almost cancelled my plans twice the week prior and I am so glad I didn’t. When we don’t get to do what we want to or participate in the things we enjoy, we all just end up resentful. You have one shot, make it count.  Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not things to show.

Self-love is my project for 2018 – as I know I’ve mentioned, imperfections and all.  Actually, I tend to be drawn more to things with imperfections, people, same deal (fyi – no one is perfect anyway).

When I started this blog, I had much more flexibility in my schedule, took some much-needed time for myself and now I can honestly say I am SO GRATEFUL for the situation that happened that gave me the ability to leave my full-time job and spend more time at home.  It didn’t feel like that when it was happening for sure. But here I am grateful for the entire experience, the lessons learned and where I am today.

A true transformation is one that goes beyond just the physical.  The beautiful thing about fitness is seeing the mental changes coincide with the physical; achieving confidence outside of insecurity.  Now, that is truly amazing. I’m really excited to share this journey with you.

“If you’re not where you want to be in life, keep going.  Treat yourself like you’re the closest friend you’ve got. Celebrate the magnificent creature that you are.  Don’t let anyone mess with you and your dreams, least of all yourself. “

Stay tuned this week:

Life is 10% of what happens to use and 90% of how we react to it.

I’m working on making the change from reactive to proactive in all facets of my life.  I’m excited to be able to share a profound conversation with you all very soon – so keep checking my Facebook page for updates! As I work through this change maybe you can take some of what I am seeking insight on and use it in your own situation.

There is no finish line and this journey is not a race.

“Remember happiness is a way of travel, not a destination” – Roy Goodman