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I am

A culmination of those wonderful people who surround me,
Who support me,
Who encourage me,
Who accept me.

Falling in love is the best high

We tend to obsess over whatever negative quality we think we possess, andcompletely miss out on all the positive attributes we may have to offersomeone.  We all start out as confidentlittle humans, and somewhere along the way something happens or someone says something, and that’s the beginning of the destruction.

One moment I am confident, and the next could be the above. It’s all part of the struggle. I recently had the opportunity to partake in a little self-assessment on my own virtues and character strengths and how they are evident in my everyday life and my own personal goals. It was a good practice and I wasn’t really surprised at the outcome at all.  My top character strength is Humor (to those of you who know me, this isn’t a surprise). I like to bring smiles to other people, it’s important to me.  I don’t want to see anyone else struggling, and if I can take someone out of whatever it is, they are going through – that is an amazing feeling. Humor is followed by kindness, zest (who, me?!),appreciation of beauty and excellence, and creativity. Now, the lower scoring characteristics were interesting…perseverance, self-regulation (hello, heart, sleeve), and humility among those.

I experienced something recently, I was completely aware while it was happening – that, was eye opening. I spent an entire day in my head, anxious over the way I looked. A morning out of my element, then on to work. The things I said to myself I can’t even repeat, not kind words for sure.I’d like to say I did a good job at hiding my insecurities all day (maybe that’s what was so exhausting). By the time I arrived home in the evening I just couldn’t do it anymore, climbed into bed beat up, and bruised, and fell asleep.  I literally exhausted myself. We can’t burn so bright all of the time. Talk about giving something too much of my effort.

My goal is to break the self-hate cycle, rebuild my ownfoundation, fall in love with myself all over again, and pass that on to asmany hearts I can. It feels so good when I let go.


Do you ever feel like you’re torn in so many directions, everything seems important, and there’s never enough time? There’s no way possible to devote as much time to any one thing, giving every “thing” 10%, and so things suffer. 

I’ve been re-evaluating where and how my time has been spent. Setting priorities and finding a balance. It’s not just about putting yourself first (but yes, fill your cup first). It’s so much more than that. 

This blog is important to me, my virtues and feeds my goals. I need to spend more time on it. And exercise. And eat healthy.And make time for my kids. And my husband. And my friends. And maintain a household. And work. And get everyone, everywhere. The list is miles long…something has to give – the parts that don’t feed my goals. 

I’ve been saying it for years – people make timefor what’s important. And sometimes I get a little resentful of the things Imake time for. Why do I put so much energy into something I get nothing out of? It’s all about balance and instead of holdingit, I’m letting it go. But I’m also only putting effort in to what’s importantto me too. Those who want to spend time with me, will make an effort to do so.Those projects of mine that I care enough to spend my precious time on, willmanifest into something amazing. So, I’ll say no more often.

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

Just wondering when I became the age where I think the loavesof bread in my kitchen look better in a basket. How did that happen and why?

In an ideal world, I’d like to spend at least part of my Sundayprepping both mentally and physically for my week ahead.  The days are long and tend to run into eachother when you’re burning the candle from both ends.  Planning a menu for the week, then grocery shoppinghas begun when times were lean and I desperately needed to stick to a budget –now it’s sheer necessity to get through the week. It’s been a while since I’vebeen able to take advantage of a Sunday, but when it works out, it’s a beautifulthing.

Mind Body Spirit

I recently completed the CrossFit Open, five weeks ofwonderful torture.  What anexperience.  I walked into the box notfully knowing what to expect and left either surprised or humbled. Either way,I’m grateful to have committed and followed through and kind of can’t wait forthe next one.

I’ve been consistently Cross Fitting 4 – 5 days a week (for the most part) for three months and I can’t see it any other way at this point.  I’ve lost four inches overall on my body in the past few months and that feels good. Creating this ritual was necessary for my transformation, mind, body,and soul. It feels good to challenge myself every morning and I’ve done so many,many things I never thought I would be able to. I love the support of this great group of people – I couldn’t do it without their encouragement.

I can’t wait to see where I am three months from now.

Always, thinking of you and sending you love.