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I signed myself up for a mud run in June.  It has about 20 obstacles along the 5K course, and naturally all of them involve mud. While I have been running off and on and not getting to the gym as much as I would like…I’ve got six weeks.  It’s go time.  Hello push-ups…planks…wall holds…and so much more.  What a great incentive to get moving and jump start this.

I completed this two years ago.  I definitely was in better shape prior to that race, and took my time (I wasn’t doing it for speed) not to mention apprehension about jumping twelve feet into a giant mud pit…or climbing a giant pile of mud while dodging the people ahead of you who are losing their footing and sliding back down. Nevertheless, it’s fun and scary at the same time; pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. And when you cross the finish line, there’s no better feeling!

So today begins training.  I stopped while I was out to explore a new (to me) trail. I love being outside.  I love the woods. So it’s balls to the walls on training.  No more excuses.

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Now to kick some ass!