I’ll do everything within my own means to make the days count – not count the days. I lost both of my parents pretty young – on the cusp of retirement and they didn’t even touch on most of the things they wanted to do. You’ve got one shot, make it count.

This is by before 40 bucket list. It’s a work in progress and I think of new things every day. Some I’ll get to by my next birthday, some may take some time to plan. They are “my” goals, aside from anything to do with my kids. Some of these are personal goals, some are activities and some are centered around my career; create your own!

1.      Fly somewhere – anywhere! I haven’t been on a plane in five years…I need to jet somewhere, and soon!

2.      Ride a horse – I’ve wanted to since I was young and still haven’t yet.

3.      Do nothing for 24 hours (perhaps, more than once)

4.      Run another half marathon

5.      Let comments roll – I’ve struggled with comments my whole life – don’t let anyone have that power over you.  You are in control of yourself and the way you feel.  Being sensitive is both a curse and my super power.

6.      Ride a quad or motorcycle – I’ve never done it!

7.      Ask for help – I don’t ask for help.  I need to work on that.

8.      Read one book a month – One down, on my second as we speak!

9.      Watch a sunrise or sunset (or both) on a mountain – I’ve never done either

10.   Have coffee with a stranger

11.   Give myself permission to go after what I want to do. I don’t fit in the 9-5 box, it’s a work in progress.

12.   Spend a weekend in a city exploring markets, sites, and chatting with the locals all by foot.

13.   Spend a weekend with my sister and gfs at the beach – no kids

14.   Explore my culinary senses by taking a cooking class to learn something new

15.   Spend a whole day naked

16.   Visit a federal park – there are so many amazing places to see

17.   Go on a solo trip

18.   Find a mentor and meet on the regular – Someone with experience to bounce ideas off of.

19.   Fine a mentee – pay it forward

20.   Not get stressed out – easier said than done and I’ve come so far –  I continue to work on it every day (also see #7)

21.   Go skinny dipping

22.   Go white water rafting (with clothes on 😊)

23.   Drive a race car

24.   Go cross country skiing

25.   Go camping – something we did frequently before kids

26.   Get a kayak – I’ve always wanted to do it I love being outside

27.   Do a pull up unassisted

28.   Box jump – it’s all in my head!

29.   Swim under a waterfall

30.   Try stand up paddle boarding

31.   Ride on a jet ski

32.   Dance like no one’s watching

33.   Write letters to the people that have impacted my life the most

34.   Write a short story

35.   Write a book – stay tuned

36.   Take a class in something weird

37.   Take pictures – real pictures.