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I’m had a day. And I’m so glad to not have an agenda tomorrow, and a break from managing school work for the kids for the next week.

I live my life in abundant love (repeat).

I hard boiled eggs for dying and without a thought, began peeling to put in the refrigerator (because that’s what I do every week). Luckily, I didn’t get very far!

I laughed because it reminded me of the year when I was little…we dyed Easter eggs and it wasn’t until the very last egg (broke) that my mom realized we grabbed the wrong carton from the fridge…and dyed the raw eggs not the hard-boiled ones!

Someone once asked me what I blog about, “everything” is always the answer. I want to share with you all the things I’ve learned in my own journey in hopes that it might benefit you by reading it.

This year, there will be many broken traditions given the current circumstance of the world – and that’s okay. I wrote last night about one of my own, while baking bread with my mother might seem trivial in the now it’s something, I’ve shared with her, my siblings and now my own children each year. We all have our own “bread” we may want to fulfill this year and it just might not be possible. We might be Facetiming our family dinners on Sunday, that’s okay. Connect any way possible and relish in the moment. Life is too short to not be living in the moment.

Future Self

Sometimes you need to distance yourself to see clearly. Growing apart from old habits, and circumstances and finding something different that truly moves you. Something that gets you so excited you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning.  That’s what living is all about. Don’t settle for the default settings in life.  Sometimes the hard part about letting go, is realizing that you’ve changed and learning to start over with your new truth.

A few years ago, I shared with you, an experience of one of my own visualizations and I want to share it with you again.  I often revisit this clip because the experience changes just a little bit.

It’s my future. Along this sandy path up to my future self.

I am standing on the beach; I look down at my feet – the white sand beneath me.  It was cool and slightly wet. The water directly in front of me, down to the left there’s a sandy path. I begin walking to the path and follow the curves as it gets narrower and begins to incline. Climbing up the hill foot after foot.  I’m not winded but curious to what lies ahead.

As I reach the top of the hill, I encounter a beautiful house. The view is amazing overlooking the water the sun is shining. I enter the house through the front door.  Immediately in front of me is a staircase, I turn to the left (as instructed, waiting to see my future self).  I enter a bright room, there’s no furniture in this room, I can see the hardwood floors, all the windows are open and the sheer curtains are blowing with the sea breeze. It’s so bright and refreshing…I see myself (my future self) and we greet each other, I can see what I’m wearing, jean shorts, tank top, my hair is up in a messy bun, and I’m wearing my glasses. She smiles at me and the first question out of my mouth is “Is he here”?”.  Again, with a smile she says “Yes, he’s here.  Follow me.”

I follow her past the staircase and to the right.  We walk into a beautiful kitchen, white and bright with a giant island in the middle.  She walks ahead and picks up her camera and begins taking a few pictures of some beautiful plates she has on the island. As I’m watching I’m just drawn to her confidence in what she’s doing and the light in her eyes. She’s truly content and enjoying what she’s doing.  I’ve shared with a few friends in detail, but it’s hard to describe the feelings I get from this in writing. It’s been a few months since I even had this session and clear as day, I can still picture it all in my head.  When I was done, I wrote it down immediately.

I have no idea who “he” is – it could be. A lover, friend, significant other, my dad, a higher power? No idea. All I know is I want to be that version of myself, and I am so open to whatever is going to come my way.

Sometimes you just need to let go a little, relax, take a deep breath, and love what is right now.