Bunny Business

Nice title right? I was trying to be as corny as possible…I think it worked!

Does your bunny hide your baskets? This bunny almost got caught!

Last night I was snuggled up with my kiddos watching Rise of the Guardians. I caught this line… “we’re so busy bringing joy to children everywhere…. we don’t have time for…children” – Being a busy mom – I couldn’t have said it better myself at times.  We’re so busy being a mom and making sure our kids are cared for, have what they need, etc. we forget to relish in the moment and really enjoy them- guilty!

Taking the time today and this weekend (loving the agenda-free weekend) to just be in the moment with my kids. Watch movies, cook together, and laugh.

I have to pause for a moment of my own.

I often wonder what happens when someone suddenly changes their behavior, stops initiating contact, or doesn’t reply like they typically used to…did I do something wrong? That’s the first thing that pops into my head. I am trying to change a lifetime of behavior here people – it’s not easy. I’ve caught myself the last few days struggling with just that. In that space and it feels absolutely awful.

My goal is to remain true to myself, it has nothing to do with me, and I have no control over this.

I’ve spent the last few days talking myself out of that old behavior, you know the part where I sit there wondering if I said something wrong, feeling not good enough or down on myself. It has absolutely nothing to do with me.

A very close friend of mine doesn’t let that touch him at all. I envy that – I need to continue to practice the “letting go” of all that old stuff.

What things do you need to let go of?

My self-affirmations aren’t enough – I need to shift my focus.

Instead, I’ve decided to shine my light in this direction. I will remain focused on my personal goals and in the direction of where I would like myself and my children to be in the coming years, and work my way backwards. I can’t wait to share it with you, and maybe you’ll feel just a little more inspired.

Sending love XO