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Everyone we meet brings something new to the table. I am grateful for all of the people who played a role in my own fitness goals, it’s brought me to now.

I’ve mentioned before my personal goals and my vision. If you are interested in reading my experience viewing my future self during meditation refer to my last blog here:

What’s interesting about that vision that I had, how vividly clear it was. It changes slightly each time I go back and listen to that clip. This was my first experience of something that great, and that was two years ago.  At the time, I didn’t know who I was looking for. I wasn’t sure if the man I was asking about was my husband (at the time), my father (that had passed many years before) or a higher power. I often reflected back and wondered how that vision would fit into my life at the time.

I have been saving images for a long time via Pinterest, screen shots etc. it was finally time it became something.

Funny enough this vision that I had featuring me writing, cooking, and taking pictures just a few years ago when it appeared, I didn’t even really put it all together until this moment. I’ve been saving pictures etc. on Pinterest of all of these things. I am very excited to put this in front of me that I can see everyday while I am working towards those very same goals.

While I was creating this vision for myself, obviously if you’ve read my blog, health/weight loss has always been something I am aiming to achieve, I am certainly not where I was not so many years ago. While I was looking for something to symbolize this on my board I was looking back on pictures of my own self and my journey and found what I was looking for.  I am not looking to become someone else; I am looking to become the best version of myself – so I included that. I am really excited to see where my future takes me!

Sending Love