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The ones who suffer the most, are the ones who don’t know what they want. If you aren’t clear, you are wandering around aimless and missing every opportunity. Even worse, hurting people around you who do know what they want. Take the time to get clear and follow wherever your passion may take you.

Are there really any topics that that are totally off limits? I think not. I miss the intimacy I didn’t really have before anyway. I want a hug!

Sometimes I wish I recorded certain conversations – I promise you; you would laugh and sometimes cry right along with me. I am very grateful to have a friend like Amy in my life. Never a judgement, and always an analogy that we can often expand on together – these conversations leave me smiling.

We often think we are craving sex, but it’s not always about sex. It’s about intimacy. To be touched, looked at, admired, smiled at, and to laugh with someone, feel safe, really trust, and let your guard down.

Very often any one of these analogies I give you about love, goals, life, weight loss – can all be applied to any life situation.

Wondering around the kitchen… I really want a ham sandwich. Only, I have no ham.

Do you allow yourself to have everything else in place of the ham sandwich? What if I go ahead and have a tuna sandwich instead, maybe some chips?  How would you feel after that? Me: still wanting the ham sandwich. So, then I’ll probably have a bowl of ice cream because…I’m not satisfied. I really wanted the ham.

OR do you research what ham you can use to make the best sandwich? Make your list of delectable ingredients, go to the store, and return home make the best damn ham sandwich possible and savor every last moment?

I’ve been contemplating the dating scene all over again. Not focused, by any means because I am really liking where I am at. But…what if I start and I don’t find what I’m looking for? Is that going to make me feel crappy? Turkey, is always available…I’m really holding out for the ham.

I hope this one made you chuckle because I have the entire time, until tomorrow!

Sending love XO