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Every week, in fact every day, I have the opportunity to start fresh. I started out the week great last week and then as the week went on my food choices went downhill.  9 times out of 10 my day starts off great, as the day goes on things may slowly decline. Everyday stresses get to me and then there’s the afternoon slump, sometimes I can catch myself other times it’s too late. I need to get back to planning out my days again I’ve been on cruise control.

But here I stand (yes stand) recharged, starting fresh daily.  It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and I’m not going to let one slip up ruin my day or my week.  Speaking of, I was up .2 (which is barely anything to complain about) last week. I have not gotten on the scale since, we’ll see what it says tomorrow morning!  It wasn’t a total wash for the record, but there were a few slip ups.

So I got this new shirt, I tried it on before I bought it. It fits, but it could look a lot better. I bought it purposely as a goal for myself. I can envision exactly what I want it to look like. I’d like to wear it to go out for the hubs birthday.  Who doesn’t need a little motivation to get things moving? I have it hanging in my room near my mirror as a reminder. I took a pic in it, and will compare the two when the time comes. I’m excited, who wouldn’t want to go out on the town with their guy, sporting a sexy new shirt?!