Weighing on kicking ass…week 2?


Hey, I said the end of last week didn’t end well. I kind of kicked ass the last few days, working out, eating well. But one day (or a few) isn’t going to make up for days of being bad.

I jumped on the scale this morning..up 2. Okay then. My first thought “damnit, I baked 70 cupcakes last night and I didn’t even have one, if I knew I was going to be up I would’ve had one” haha! Oh well! New day, fresh start, right? One day at a time!

Yesterday afternoon I think I had an epiphany., well I’ve had this one before but I made up my mind about it.  I mentioned in my blog a few weeks back “What If?”, what if I don’t like what I’m left with in the end? I’ll expand on that. It’s honestly been a mental block for me. What if I don’t like what I look like? What if my husband doesn’t? What if I change as a person? There are so many “what if’s”. So yesterday, talking to my sister I realized, I don’t care. This is what I want. I want to change, I like myself now, I’ll like myself then. I’ve lost 60 pounds already, I have a bunch more to lose. Things don’t look the way I want them to right now, it’s literally been a mental block (I stress again). But I’m over the block. I was comfortable being the way I was for so long (even though I wasn’t) as proof any time I needed to get dressed to go anywhere. “nothing fits”, I hate my clothes etc etc etc.


So anyway…moving on. Kicking ass. Rob killed me today, I wanted to drawl into the fetal position. I honestly thought he was joking when he said 10 burpies after all the other stuff I did. And I whined. And he said “you’re doing it”, so I did.

And these are the cupcakes I passed up:



One cupcakeless badass