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Ever kick yourself for not jumping at the chance to do something? Then, only to wait and take the opportunity next time it presents itself – if it does?

I learned my lesson too many times. The job you were too scared to take? The potential friends you could’ve made but lacked the nerve and confidence to speak up? Do I say something, do I not? What if? It’s my inner struggle.

I’m tired of my comfort zone. I’m tired of being comfortable. We never grow if we don’t get uncomfortable.

This year, my lists of firsts is growing! I tell me daughter all the time, (remember, she’s exactly like me); if you get an opportunity to do something, take it. You miss out on too many fun things by not taking the risk.

I’m ready and willing to take a chance on something new, whenever that presents itself. I’m writing a bucket list if you will, it contains small and large feats.

So the coming week, I’m going to do try something new every day. Doesn’t matter what it is; little, big who cares? I’ll report back next week.


I wrote in my last blog, “Weighing on kicking ass…week 2?”, I’ve been patiently waiting (this is absolutely impossible for me) to see how my cupcakes stacked up. I’m dying inside haha; I hope it’s good! The baking contest was one of those “little feats” – baby steps. Silly for some, but I always wanted to enter and something always held me back, and after much self-deliberation I decided to enter as a “professional”. The criteria for entering as an amateur vs a professional weren’t that clear, basically if you’ve sold your product – you’re a professional. I find out tomorrow – eek!

So many people asked if I was “baking” again, as they were picking up their cupcakes this week. I always loved to bake, if we were going to a party or something I’d bake something to bring. About eight years ago or so things were tight so I decided to give it a go. I advertised a little and you’d be surprised how a good cupcake travels by word of mouth (haha). Things got very busy to say the least – I even did some research and checked out a location for a bakery; but never took the step. Eventually I went back to work full time (and going to school at the time) and then I would be baking all weekend for various orders. Not seeing my children and began to resent baking, so I decided to take a break. I turned down so many orders, it made me sad. Then time went on.

But the point I was getting at was…baking was so fun this week. I love making people happy and so many people got to enjoy my cupcakes, that made me happy. So, you never know…maybe there will be a cupcake truck one day?!


Wish me luck! XO

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