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Let’s talk about everything, a data dump if you will.

A few years ago, after my mom passed away I was seeing a therapist. She was this cute little old woman. I had a hard time taking her seriously in the beginning when I would sit down and she would say “okay Laura, let’s talk turkey”. So…let’s talk turkey people!

I have a hard time finding time to write, meditate, work out, work on myself. It isn’t going to present itself, I have to make it a priority. I know this, sometimes it takes reaching your breaking point before you realize that’s why you’re so punchy. Fill your cup first.

Sometimes we’re stuck and no matter how much we want to get to that other side, we can’t. It’s all part of the process. Wait it out. The answer, solution, energy, perfect chocolate bar – will come to you at the right time. Everything is happening exactly as it should.

Old routines breath new life. I love when everything aligns, a new opportunity presents itself. Three kids, jobs, house, activities. Our schedules are constantly changing, you have to continually adjust to see what fits.

Four years ago I was in my own personal best shape. I felt amazing and was a perpetual morning exerciser, although it feels like a lifetime ago.

If you know me at all, you’re already aware, I’m not really a “morning person”. I like staying up late, that’s my best time creatively. But I do enjoy getting an early morning workout in. It’s over and done with for the day. And then you aren’t looking for excuses later in the day to skip it. You’ve already done it.

I am a completely different person when I’m working out regularly. I’m going to repeat that; I am a completely different person when I’m working out regularly. I have more energy, duh. But the endorphins though. Sweating it out is my drug of choice. I’m happier.

I’ve attended two 6am WOD’s (CrossFit lingo for “workout of the day”). I am super pumped, and super sleep deprived because three year olds don’t really care if you need to get up at 5am to workout.

Sore, and ready for more.

My first early morning wod back in the game was just as good of a day as any other to jump back on the band wagon. As I was sweating my way through it, I thought, and then said aloud “ I’m tired of starting over”.

Funny thing is, we’re going to start over more times than we can ever imagine. But how about let’s just keep it going for a while.

I’m about to embark on training for my third half marathon. There’s no doubt it’s a completely different experience training in the winter versus the summer. I’m really not a treadmill person, I like being outside in nature. So much so my last race I literally only ran on a treadmill once during training. Through the heat of summer and rainy spring days.

I like running outside in the winter. It’s cold but it feels so freeing, the air feels fresh. It’s snowing. It’s so calm. The whole world around you stops, the only thing you hear is the sound of your own breathlessness.

I’m going to try something I haven’t in a long time, consistency. That’s when change happens. I have my eyes focused on what lies ahead for me. So excited at the possibility of the greatness and love I truly deserve.

Sending love ❤️