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Just a quick note, as I have a very busy day and getting ready for the weekend.


After my training with Rob yesterday; I was sore before I even went to bed, I knew this morning would be a challenge.  Actually I could tell WHILE I was lunging that it wasn’t going to be good haha.

I just wanted to give you a rundown of what I accomplished during my workout yesterday, I plan on incorporating some of this into my days on my own.

I told Rob halfway through, this has been the hardest session by far (as of yet)!

We always start off with a warm up, high kicks, high knees, scissor kick, rotating hips, and lots of stretching.

We started outside, lunges. Lots of them. A 60-foot span each way, alternating legs, up and back. On the way back on the first set is when I started feeling it, holy crap. There were two additional sets, 60 feet up and back carrying two kettle bells. Tough, sweaty stuff!

Then, back inside. Pull ups on the rings, 3 sets of 15 each alternating with standing overhead press with a kettle bell; also 3 sets of 15.

We went straight on to the ropes, hands together alternating with medicine ball throw down (20 pounds). That was tough!

Next was planks (can we say sweat angels?). I don’t even know how long it felt like an eternity I was so tired.

Last but certainly not least back outside, the sled.  “Don’t dread the sled” it says on the wall…uh huh. Down and back (the same 60-foot span) pushing 170 pounds. And again down and back pushing 215 pounds. That last 60 feet were killer, I tell you I was pushing with every muscle in my body.

So, my everything hurts today, I’m not joking.  I was dreading stepping out of bed this morning. But I know it’s working! This is what? Week 3 training with Rob, can’t wait til next week!



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