Nothing but a LOVE struggle

Today reflected a large amount of questions, thought, and opportunity. We had a morning here, let me tell you.  Woke up late, unfinished homework from the weekend, missed the bus…spilled breakfast you name it, it happened.  While I was on my now drop off rounds (since we were so late) a thought popped into my head; “don’t let someone/something occupy space in your head if you’re not occupying space in theirs”.  Fabulous advice from my sister, I can even hear her saying it.  Accept – how do I know I’m not?

“Things change all the time. You never know what shitty time someone else is going through unless they tell you”. Amy Arvary

By the time I’m finishing dropping off the kids and I’m thinking about the past year (it must have just been my mood and the way the day started; chaotic). Jumping forward I had the perfect opportunity to spend some time with a new friend, it was what I needed today. We talked about a lot

There are so many different relationships in my life (in everyone’s lives), and I often wonder should I try harder? Am I forcing it? I’ve been growing and emerging since I began “taking my life back”. I’m too busy becoming what I’ve always been meant to be to care what anyone else thinks, which I think is apparent in my blog.

I became reflective on those relationships that have faded, become nonexistent, and more importantly the ones that have flourished.

I’ll always be here. Here, waiting for opportunity, waiting with nothing but love, and open arms when you need me.


After all that reflection today, I had a marathon afternoon rounded out at the football field (freezing my butt off). I’m feeling grateful for all the supportive people in my life and looking forward to every opportunity that presents itself to me.