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What a crazy good Monday! 

Sometimes, to appreciate where we are we need to reflect on how far we’ve come.

I’ve been caught up in comparing myself, in all my relationships. Annoyed at myself for not having made more progress. Whenever I’m feeling inadequate about myself or my progress I take a look backwards. Although I have insecurities about my body present day, I am so not where I used to be.

That is truly my “pay day”. I have much more energy now, than I did those few years ago. And where is comparing myself to someone else who has a completely different story than my own going to get me? No where. I’m far from perfect, but who cares?

Speaking of payday….

 Ha – mom life. I’m keeping it 😂

What’s new?!

Beginning another week in full time-working mom mode. It’s tiring, yet satisfying. Since I have less time, I may actually be getting more done (note, I’m writing you from the couch – I’m tired). Three kids, three different locations this morning, work all day, and then the same this afternoon. Dinner on the go and practices. 😘

I mapped out this weeks workouts, yoga, crossfit, running – and with my own kettle bells I have at home some, some varying moves on my off days.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. You can just wish for something – you have to make it happen.

Stay tuned

For a few months I’ve had this idea in the back of my head “30 days no take out”. I think now would be the perfect time to add it to my current blog. I started meal planning years ago as a budgetary tool more or less. That started nearly nine years ago and I still default back to it. So stay tuned for more!
Alright, off to fight my kettle bells, clean and pick up kids (again). 😘