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Yay! Sweet! After weeks (and more weeks) of gaining and losing the same few pounds…I finally made a breakthrough! Down 5 pounds! 🙂
I’ve been finding it hard to stay motivated lately, this helps though. I am truly, my own worst critic. I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who talks (to) about herself the same way I do. It’s terrible, and I tell her that. How could she not see how beautiful and wonderful she is? And then I think about it, and I do the exact same thing. How can I not see myself for who I am? I do it all the time, it has to stop. A negative mindset will get me nowhere.

No more negative self-talk. Moving on…

I have not started my 21 Day Fix yet, am I putting it off? I’ve been pinning recipes like crazy determined that my family will be essentially eating what I am so I am not making two separate meals for each meal. I’m tired and busy and I need to get this going. I need to see some results.
Summer is super tough, the kids are home and I’m trying to figure out a routine for myself. But I have to be honest I haven’t sat down to actually do this. No wonder I’m all over the page. It’s so easy to say you’re going to do something but do you intend on doing it? JUST DO IT! It’s going to be my new moto. That’s it, get it done!