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If someone asked you every morning (and maybe they do already) – how are you today? What would your answer be?

It’s Wednesday, right? (I wrote this yesterday but fell asleep before I could post)

It’s waking up with that burning desire to be an do better every single day.

Yesterday was totally a day… if you didn’t read about it, you can here:

Maintaining balance as a mom is always the goal, managing things changing all the time – just little bumps in the road.

My oldest – my teenager, has taken on this incredible role distance learning and is often complete with her assignments early in the day. My middle guy – has the same issues learning at home as he does daily in the classroom. He gets distracted easily and often feels overwhelmed even with simple tasks. My youngest, gets activities sprinkled throughout the day, and I feel guilty because I need to work, and help my other two.

Very often our day looks like this:

So yesterday, we all had had enough. I think spring break made it worse, Monday was a tough day back after a week off and we had to yet again, figure out a new routine and a new normal. I share everything I’ve learned in my own journey with all of my children, and it’s so funny how different they all are – whatever stage they may be in or whatever they are going through, the message is the same. The true magic is that it all makes an impact – just in a different way.

Last night, my middle guy was not in a great mood. There was absolutely no hiding it. After returning from their dads’ house for dinner he couldn’t fake a smile if he tried. And it was all because of math he told me. He doesn’t understand why school has to be so much work, and it stinks, and thinks it’s stupid. And I, in typical fashion make some probably inappropriate joke to make him break out of that zone. And he laughs and then I say: “buddy, if you think something is going to be bad, then it’s going to be bad. If you think somethings going to be good, then it will be. You have control over how you look at the situation. You have many more years of school to go, you have a great opportunity right now; you’re at home can take breaks whenever you want, do all your assignments in the morning and then have the whole afternoon free. Embrace it.”

I’ve had this speech more than once, more than a few times. We all have bad days. BUT TODAY Matthew walked down the stairs dressed and said “my goal today is to be done with my assignments by noon.”

Way to go buddy!

And you know what? He made it pretty damn close, and had the afternoon to chill out and thankfully it was a nice day!

Always, thinking of you and sending love!


PS the kiddos and I made our own flatbreads last night for dinner. They each enjoyed making their own, and we used up leftovers in the fridge to do so!