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I promise this post isn’t comparing sex and intimacy to a ham sandwich haha!

Earlier this morning my four-year-old came into my room, climbed into my bed and in her sweetest voice said “good morning mama” and curled up right next to me and fell back to sleep. These moments, are becoming fewer and far between.

I know we all do it – watch your sleeping children, it’s so calming and angelic. It’s in those moments you pause and appreciate, get reminiscent of when they were babies, where they are now, the adorable things they do. Then that all stops as she turns her head towards me and I almost pass out from her fire breathing dragon breath! Haha, like it hasn’t happened to you!

Today was the first day I felt like I was done with those whole quarantine. I’m tired, I like leaving my house, and I miss people. It’s not easy juggling the whole work from home, manage the older kids and their school work and entertain a four-year-old all day. BUT here we are doing it. I know so many people in the same exact boat – we’re all in this together.

As I was tucking my tiny human into bed, reading, and talking… she asked “Is the virus done yet?”, I explained to her not yet, we still need to stay home to stay safe, and she interrupted me by saying she just wants to go to the toy store. There’s something super innocent about asking a child what their favorite things are – so I asked Evelyn “what’s your favorite thing to do with mommy?” She responded: “When we dance together” and it melted my heart.

So, it’s was just a Tuesday. It’s crazy how fast the last few weeks have flown by, and then in another sense it feels like five years some days. It’s a little weird in retrospect that this is our new norm, there’s no end in sight, and whatever is to happen after this – who knows what it’ll be like. We’re always adjusting to a new “norm”.

I wonder what it’ll look like.

Closing up shop for the evening a get a text from a girlfriend, we comment on our Tuesdays. My response: To be honest I just got Evelyn to bed and I’d like to bury my head in a bag of potato chips – pretty much sums it up. BUT tomorrow is a new day, with all new things to be grateful for. New challenges and opportunities for growth. I’m ready.

And if I piqued your interest about ham sandwiches… sometimes, we all need a good laugh – you can read that here:

Sending Love XO