I am light, I am love

November 2, 2018 laura 0

I am light. I am love.   A new month, a new beginning. It’s been an incredibly insightful week and it feels so good. “Sometimes good things fall apart so […]

Be Happy

October 10, 2018 laura 0

“Happy looks good on you” – no joke I heard that today. And I was taken back but then realized, yup this is how it feels. I’m happy. I’m not […]

Commentary From Mile 7

September 18, 2018 laura 0

Now that I’ve had a chance to recover (slightly), I wanted to share my experience and all that has been going on lately. I think I can consider myself a […]

Love the now

August 8, 2018 laura 0

There is no place I’d rather be. Let go of what was. Don’t worry about what will be. Live in the moment and love every. Freaking. second. I’ve been off […]

I am clear

August 1, 2018 laura 0

This rain is really messing up my new morning ritual. I’ve so been enjoying sitting on the deck in the morning sun for a few minutes in solitude. Summer has […]

Goal Getter

July 21, 2018 laura 0

Goal Getter   You don’t drown by falling into the water, you drown by staying there. I want to change everything and nothing all at once.  What if things stay […]

My why

July 17, 2018 laura 0

Sometimes I run to burn off the crazy. I know I’ve said it before, I reach this doormat breaking point.  Doing everything, for everyone and realize I’m stuck in this […]


July 9, 2018 laura 0

The biggest failure in any relationship is unsaid expectations. I’m not easy to love. I’m challenging, sensitive, and emotional. I do hold a lot on my shoulders having everyone else’s […]

Do it for you

May 18, 2018 laura 0

Everything happens in its own time and every step of this journey has brought me to where I am today. “Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible in your […]

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