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Be you

October 30, 2016 laura 0

I don’t know what it is exactly about Halloween, but I love it. I always have. As a kid, maybe I could say the candy had something to do with […]

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It’s all worth it

October 28, 2016 laura 0

What a week! It’s been super busy, and this weekend is packed with all sorts of activities. Weigh in: Going down. Down another 1.4 pounds this week, bringing my three-week […]

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Crispy bacon

October 25, 2016 laura 0

“If you don’t order your bacon crispy, you’ll never get to enjoy it. If that’s what you want, you have to use your voice to get it.” -Amy Arvary I […]

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It’s a feeling I’m after

October 19, 2016 laura 0

  Although Wednesday is my official weigh in day, I’m trying something new; daily weigh ins. It’s been keeping me in check the last two weeks. So I am happy […]

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Getting to maintenance 

October 18, 2016 laura 0

“The root of all suffering is attachment” -Buddha I’m in a constant state of organizing and going through stuff, is everyone like that? I’m an excellent maintainer – I say […]

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Work hard

October 14, 2016 laura 0

Determined not to give up! I’m not about to let the past year derail my progress. It’s all about working hard and staying focused. I had an excellent workout yesterday, […]


October 10, 2016 laura 0

Just a quick hello as the children are climbing the walls 🙂   I was a magician in the kitchen yesterday morning, prepping for the week ahead. As the cooler […]

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Never second best

October 7, 2016 laura 0

Why? Because I am the best.  Working through my progression this week.  You literally never know what opportunities are around the corner. I’m shedding the stuff that holds me back.  […]

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Mindset is everything

October 5, 2016 laura 0

I’m constantly saying I need to get my shit together. How about giving it a break and being grateful for what I do get done? With the list of things, […]

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