Yoga ready

July 12, 2017 laura 0

Clearly not everything works out the way you want it to, it works out the way it’s supposed to.  You are only in control of yourself.  I have to remind […]

Summertime Approach

June 30, 2017 laura 0

I woke up early and got to see the sunrise this morning. Every time I get to witness something so majestic as the sunrise over the ocean, I’m in awe. […]


June 15, 2017 laura 0

I’m trying really hard to not stress about the things I can’t control.  I had the best workout I’ve had in a long time today! I set my first deadlift […]

Consider this

June 10, 2017 laura 0

 Today was the perfect ode to my dad; I spent a good portion of the day in the dirt with the kids planting in the garden.  I lost my dad […]

Don’t hold back 

May 24, 2017 laura 0

  What you repeatedly hear you will believe, so be kind to yourself. Here’s the kicker, we need that positive mindset ALL the time. I need to focus on me, […]

Mother’s Day 

May 15, 2017 laura 0

Always held the second Sunday in May, Anna Jarvis founded Mother’s Day for sentiment, not profit. According to Wikipedia, “by the 1920’s and the commercialization of the holiday, Jarvis felt […]

One Year

May 1, 2017 laura 0

This week marks a year (A YEAR) since I began writing my blog. If I have learned one thing about myself on this quest of self-discovery; I wish it hadn’t […]

Commentary from the finish line

April 24, 2017 laura 0

There once was a girl with a crazy idea; “I’m going to run a half marathon” she said, “no big deal”. I’ve been training for this since December when said […]

Worth so very much more

April 19, 2017 laura 0

As I’m driving from errand to errand, the baby is screaming, and my boss is texting asking if I’m available. I got up at 5am today to work, so I’m […]

No Picture

Everyday Struggle

April 17, 2017 laura 0

What is it about space and time apart that makes it weird? That you have start over each time? Tip toeing forward until you can let your guard down and […]

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